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Angraman 6341
T r i x i l o g 6308
Auxine 5824
Sansrival 4960

Server Information

InsaneRO is a young and growing server dedicated to giving it's community members a remarkable taste of fun and excitement. Balanced jobs, quests and headgears are only a few of what the server has to offer. Having a low latency when playing is a very big advantage, we want our players to greatly experience a lagless server, we also feel that frustration wherein you could have pressed those yggdrasilberry to keep alive but then a lag spike hit you and boom you're dead. With that, we have decided to host our servers at LA so that both international and local players will experience less delay when playing. The atmosphere of the server's community is friendly and ecstatic, guided by crazy, fun-loving Administrators and staff members. Most of the staffs are very friendly and approachable. What are you waiting for? Experience Ragnarok to the next level! Come and play with us!

Server Rates and Features
• PK Server
• WoE & PvP Active
• Max Base & Job Level: 255/120
• Transcendent Jobs
• Soul Link Modified
• Useful Custom Commands
• Base & Job Exp Rates: 15000x
• Item Drop Rate: 100%
• Normal Cards Drop Rate: 10%
• MVP Cards Drop Rate: 1-5%
• Protected by Gepard Shield
• Account Security System
• Story-line Quest
• Automated & Daily Events

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